Collate 0.3.2 Now Available

Note: 0.3.1 was released but there was a race condition when updating a note title that could cause data loss. I quickly implemented the fix and am now releasing 0.3.2.

Collate 0.3.2 is now available! Windows and Mac users should receive a notice to auto-update. To trigger auto update, select Collate > Check for Updates in the menubar. Linux users please download here.

This release brings a couple of new features and many optimizations and bug fixes.


  1. Multiple collections. Add more than one collection and switch between them. Useful for separation of projects or to have data in different synced folders.
  2. Keyboard shortcut customization in settings.
  3. Boot time optimizations. Collate now boots much faster, which is noticeable if you have a lot of text-heavy notes. The trade-off is that indexed search isn’t immediately available while the index builds in the background.
  4. Rich text notes are now saved as .html files. This means that you can preview rich text notes in a browser as they are now saved as valid web pages.
  5. All collection:/// links to local images are now converted to relative links so you can preview markdown or rich text notes in non-Collate programs with working images. Also helps improve portability.
  6. Windows now has a portable version.


In an effort to improve documentation. I’ve started a collection to attempt to document Collate, how to use it, how to customize it, etc. Feel free to contribute to it by sending a pull request.

0.3.2 Change Log


  • Fixed race condition that could cause loss of data if a note title is changed and a different note is clicked on immediately.

0.3.1 Change Log

New Features

  • Added multiple collection feature. New pane opens up and allows adding multiple collections from various places on disk, and the ability to switch between them. Currently, actions within a collection are limited to the currently selected collection (search, moving notes, creating notes, etc..).
  • Added keyboard shortcut customization to settings.
  • Added a new introduction screen for new users.
  • Window title bar now displays the name of the open note.
  • Added option to auto hide menu bar on Windows/Linux systems.


  • Switched application fonts to system fonts.
  • Move notes has been moved to the right click menu, and you can now move multiple notes.
  • Links to images inserted into notes are now converted to relative paths when saved so notes can be previewed outside Collate with images linked properly. This also ensures portability between different file systems.
  • Modified rich text note format. Rich text files now save as HTML files which can be previewed in a browser outside of Collate. Previously rich text notes were saved as markdown files with HTML in the body. The new format provides some basic CSS styling with metadata saved in a script tag as a Javascript object.
  • Application now creates search index asynchronously, increasing application boot times. This means that the application will boot and become usable much faster than before. Indexed note search is unavailable until the index is generated and application will fall back to searching notes by string comparison. Re-enable synchronous search in settings if search index is needed immediately on boot.
  • Window coordinates are now saved and will be loaded when app is started.
  • License key moved out of settings file.

Bug Fixes

  • Drag and drop to attach to notes working correctly.
  • Fixed issue where tabbing from title would not go to editor body immediately.
  • Major rework of internal architecture from synchronous to asynchronous should fix a lot of issues Windows users were having with saving notes, changing note titles, moving and renaming notes and notebooks.
  • Inserting an image in Markdown and Rich Text notes now inserts at cursor location
  • Fixed moving note while tag highlighting causing both a tag and notebook to be selected.
  • Fixed long attachment names overflowing out of drop down menus.
  • Fixed tag not being removed on note delete.
  • Fixed error shown when Collate is first run.
  • System reserved characters are now stripped out of notebook/note/collection names. It was causing issues on Windows systems.
  • Fixed bug where preview mode on the Markdown editor causes cursor to jump around if preview by default enabled.
  • Auto updates fail silently instead of throwing an exception.

Check out the Trello board to see the Roadmap and ongoing progress!