Collate 0.3.0 is now available for download!

This version brings a couple of new features, a change to the Collate note format, bug fixes, and a minor version number bump (due to auto updates).

Change Log – 0.3.0

New Features

  • Tag suggestions – Tag suggestions pop up when typing, allowing you to choose an existing tag.
  • Compact list view for notes – For those that don’t like the card view, we now have compact list view without a note blurb. Enable in Settings.
  • Auto updates – For future versions on Mac and Windows, a notice will be shown to download and install new updates. It’s optional but will show every time the app starts.
  • Added option to enable preview for Markdown editor by default (potentially buggy, let me know if you encounter issues)
  • Added default notebook option – Right click on a notebook and choose Set as default.  When a new note is created it will go in this folder if a notebook isn’t already selected.
  • Added logging – The app will now log errors. You can see the error log by opening the Help pane and selecting View Logs. A file browser will open up and the log is called log.log
  • Rich text editor now has the option to format text in different styles: Serif, Sans-Serif, Monospace.
  • Added support for 32 bit Windows (beta) – The .exe installer should now work on both systems. This is untested, as I don’t have a 32 bit Windows system to test on.  Please let me know if it works or not!


  • Cleaned up backend CSS a bit (necessary for future theming)
  • Any YAML in a note’s front matter not used by Collate will be passed back into the note on save. This means that you can use custom metadata tags.
  • Moved Outline note data from JSON in the body to YAML in the front matter.
  • Added trim to license key box – Strips any spaces added to the front or back of a license key.
  • Modified image button on both the Markdown and Rich Text editor. When clicked it will open a file dialog. When an image is selected, it will attach it to the note then embed the image in the body of the editor.
  • Updated Collate Note Format. Removed the note and notebook folder naming restrictions. Note and Notebook titles now map 1 to 1 to the directory name. This means that Note and Notebook titles can only use characters that are supported by the operating system (Windows has a couple of characters that are reserved). See the updated note format here and the updated example collection here.
  • Consolidated keyboard shortcuts into a single coherent system. This means that in the next version I can add a way to customize keyboard shortcuts.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed syntax highlighting not working in export window.
  • Fixed trial ended message on first launch.
  • Fixed embed link not working for images.
  • Fixed issue where notes were jumping around on save.
  • Fixed issue with Evernote import.
  • Fixed issue with notebook count not changing when moved.
  • Added trim to notebook name – Disallow spaces at the beginning and end of a title
  • Changed the default note name to remove reserved characters to comply with Windows folder naming conventions.