Promotional Period Ending

We will be discontinuing the 50% off promotional price on April 14th, so make sure you take advantage of the sale while it’s still happening!

Next Release Highlights

The next release will feature:

  • Outline note type which combines outlines with a to-do list. Users of Workflowy will appreciate this new note type.
  • Rich Text editor now supports syntax highlighting in code blocks.
  • Rich Text editor now supports Tex style formula entry for taking equation heavy notes.
  • Search-on-page (ctrl + f) functionality –  much needed!
  • A ton of bug fixes.

This release features a new outline note type based heavily on Workflowy which takes the place of an outline functionality as well as a to-do app. Along with that, the Rich Text editor has had a few upgrades. I was able to implement some of the additional functionality that Quill.js has built in, namely syntax highlighting with highlight.js and TeX formula support using the KaTeX library. Finally, I added a much needed search-on-page feature which works just like search-on-page would work in a browser. These features should make Collate much more pleasant to work with.

Available for download now!

Syntax highlighting available on the Rich Text editor

Take notes with Markdown, Rich Text, Outline or Web Clipper note types

The visual markdown formatting makes writing markdown easy

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