It’s been a great experience building Collate but I’ve decided to call it quits. I spent a year writing Collate then another year neglecting it and don’t feel that I can dedicate the time necessary to continue working on the project.

To everybody that purchased a Collate license, thank you for your support. Collate was a labor of love and I’m pretty impressed with how far it went, but to take it even farther would have required more than I had to give. I’m sorry if it’s a disappointment to you.

Collate is now open sourced and freely available under the MIT license. Feel free to fork it and build on it, or dissect it and see how it runs under the hood.

For current users, the final release can be found here. These packages are now unsigned so you may receive a warning when installing on mac or windows. I removed the annoying license warning and demo mode, so anybody can use it now without a license.

Thank you for your interest in Collate. It’s been a humbling experience and I wish you the best in your future note taking life.

Patrick Lee

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