Collate was featured on Lifehacker this weekend (so exciting!) and since then I’ve received a flood of emails with bugs, questions, and feature requests. To clear some things up and to give everybody an idea of what the future of Collate looks like, let’s go through some of the more popular questions I’ve received.

  1. Will there be mobile apps?
    The short answer is Yes – but I’m not sure when.
    The long answer is that there is still a lot of work left to do on the desktop version of Collate. The major technical hurdle right now is having a way to sync notes between devices. Without an easy way to sync your data, mobile apps are useless. Along with the technical hurdles, there are time constraints. As a solo developer working on Collate nights and weekends, I’m working as hard as I can to build in new features. So, I’m not quite sure when I’ll be able to begin work on mobile apps. Believe me, I really want them as well!

  2. Will there be built-in sync?
    Yes!¬†Currently Collate relies on file syncing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. One of the biggest features I’d like to build in is support for Git, to be able to place your notes under version control. For the non-developers, Git is a tool which allows you to put your files under version control: you can think of it like track changes on a Word document. It also has built-in tools to sync data to a remote location. It’s a very robust tool and will allow you to use providers like Github to store your notes. This will be completely optional, however – users will have the option to activate it or not.

  3. Will there be an web-clipping browser extension?
    Not in the near future. My stance on this is that building and maintaining browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari would be way too much work for now. I understand the need for one, which is why I built the web clipper, but for now, I can’t support it.

  4. I’d like to see x feature in Collate.
    Keep an eye out on the public Collate development road map.
    First off, thank you for your feature requests! Keep sending them! I’ll do my best to evaluate and determine if a feature lines up with Collate’s core purpose, and if it does I’ll be more than happy to add it. If not, I’ll think about it and keep it in mind for the future. Either way, your email will be read and I will more than likely get back to you with an answer. In the meantime, you can keep tabs on the development of Collate on the public Trello board.

  5. I found a bug!
    THANK YOU! It’s really helpful when bugs are reported! I can only test so much on my machines and I’m sure I’m missing use cases and workflows that you may utilize. That’s why reporting any weird behavior is so important. I may not reply to every bug report, but I will definitely make note and investigate anything you send my way. If you could include a screenshot, that would be really helpful!

The feedback I’ve been receiving so far has been really positive! I started writing Collate in December not knowing if anybody else would be interested in yet another note taking application. But even with so many choices, there just wasn’t a combination of features that did what I was looking for. So I built it. It’s great to know that there are a lot of other people out there who have the same concerns over privacy, want an open and simple file format, and want a note taking app that has multiple tools to get the job done.

I’m excited to get cracking on new features, fix bugs, and figure out the long term strategy for where to bring Collate. Thank you to everybody that has purchased a license already for helping to fund the project and make it happen!